Friday, July 25, 2014

São Paulo Inc.

By an invitation from Lielson, writer and my friend from UHQ, I did a comic for a series about traffic that he created called São Paulo S / A (São Paulo Inc. São Paulo is one of the major cities from Brazil, famous for its traffic). 

When he sent me the script I have a little headache because, first, it has lots of cars and, second, I wanted to do something painted, but it was too complex for my level of painting. 

So, since it was a thing with a certain level of freedom, I decided to do something that would be a completely new experience for me and somethig I could learn from the process, so I did the comic digitaly. 

Obviously since I've never done something like that, it was a little hard in the begining. I did not use the "usual" style of digital colorization, first because I don´t know it and secondly because I wanted to do something that looks like a paint. 

For those who are curious, the process was the following: I got the Lielson´s script and trace in a layout all the frames that I would do. To facilitate the demarcation I already wrote what would do in each frame so I do not have to go back all the time in the script. 

I made a base for the background, this middle gray sky from São Paulo on sunny days, and then I start working with layers in Photoshop. One layer had the basic layout, other had the outline and the last one had the painting itself. 

I painted all the frames following the same process I use with gouache, darkening with transparent stains and opening light with opaque stains. 

The result you can see here on Flying Cow through this link. (There is no text in the story, only the title "As Chamas da Purificação" which means  "The Flames of Purification".

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